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Let them entertain you! From Cirque du Solei to magic, to comedy & more... every casino has a show that fits your tastes & is ready to start your night off right!

Hypnosis Shows

Anthony Cools

Located In: Paris World-famous hypnotist Anthony Cools performs at Paris Las Vegas, using his skills for decidedly evil purposes, tapping…

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Hypnosis Unleashed

Every so often you happen upon a show unlike any other. Hypnotist Kevin Lepine is one of those shows. Kevin…

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Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Get 50% Show Tickets USE CODE "VSLV50" Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis MTV calls Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis the "funniest show…

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The Mentalist

Get 50% Show Tickets USE CODE "VSLV50" The Mentalist Gerry McCambridge performs comedy, magic and mind-reading live on stage. Access…

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