Hypnosis Unleashed

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Hypnosis Unleashed Hypnosis Unleashed
Every so often you happen upon a show unlike any other. Hypnotist Kevin Lepine is one of those shows. Kevin is filling clubs and theatres with his unique and hilarious approach to hypnosis. Audiences are responding with a standing ovation every night.

With a certification in hypnotherapy, Kevin is taking comedy hypnosis to a whole new level.
"I want my volunteers to have the time of their lives. The volunteers have even more fun than the audiences." Says Kevin.

Kevin’s first national broadcast “iN YouR HeaD” is already getting attention all over the country. “You’re a superstar. What a show!” Exclaimed Dicky Barrett of the Jimmy Kimmell Live show.

The comedy world is being blown away by this incredible, award winning performer. You won't stop laughing as your friends answer their shoes, fight for napkins, turn into Brittney Spears and become the stars of the show. Through it all you will never forget Kevin Lepine!
Showtime’s: Tuesday – Sunday 7:30pm
Tickets starting at $39.95
For tickets call 800-LVHOOTS or Book Now!

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