MGM Lions at The Lion Habitat Ranch in Vegas

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MGM Lions at The Lion Habitat Ranch in Vegas MGM Lions at The Lion Habitat Ranch in Vegas
As of Jan. 31st, 2013 the Lion Habitat has been removed from the MGM Grand. For 15 years, 1-2 lions have traveled daily from the Lion Habitat Ranch to wow guests of the Grand, but now they have retired down to the ranch where you can still go visit them!

40 lions reside at the Lion Habitat Ranch in comfortable habitats where they are spoiled and get to spend all day playing with their families.  As of April 2013, 7 cubs are romping with their brothers and sisters and 2 baby cubs have been born. 

Along with visiting all the lions, some of the direct decendants of the original MGM Lion, you can take part in some of the following activities:

Cub Interactions
Private Tours
Birthday Parties
Feast with the Beast
Become a Trainer for a Day
Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon
11 am to 4 pm

Adults $20 one child per adult free

Cub Photos 11 AM to 2 pm. - $30.00
Cub Interactions - $200
Trainer for a Day - $800
Private Tours - $100
Feast with the Beasts - $200/hour up to 10 people
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